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SHAREit for PC - How to Use SHAREit App On Windows?

SHAREit is a multitalented app to send and receive the number of files in the fraction of second with other devices where you can send and receive any type of file on any platform and operating system. It is one of the most popular and favorite apps amongst users, with already over 14 million downloads! SHAREit is free to download and use. It is one of the best sharing apps on the market. SHAREit can be downloaded from mobile phones, PC’s, tablets, Android operating systems, iOS, Mac, Windows, BlackBerry, etc.

The uber smart app won't let you waste hours in launching an app on your device or any other device by turning off the Bluetooth. The only doable is to conduct an intimacy between two alike devices having the SHAREit App installed. Simply put these two in a single gamut in order to promote an unhindered detection. Definitely initiating multiple languages is the program first ever offered by an Avante Garde app. Commenting on that, Shareit has introduced groundbreaking thirty-nine dialects like English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian and much more.

The most adorable feature of the SHAREit app is that it offers multiple user sharing. To be precise approximately five users can share data among them simultaneously without any obstruction. Time to wind up the topic, you should go through the points stated above which elaborately states about the attributes of the technology commanding

How to Use the SHAREit App on Your Android Device?

  • Open the ShareIt app on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Select the file or files you want to share and click on next
  • The ShareIt app will search for nearby devices to connect to.
  • Once it has found a device to connect to, click on the respective send and receive buttons on your devices.
  • Click on the connected device to whom you want to share the file
  • Watch your file getting transferred to and from the device within seconds.
  • Open the ShareIt app on your mobile phone and click on the top corner button where it asks you to scan the code to connect it to your PC
  • Retrieve the QR code from your PC
  • Scan the QR code from your PC on to your mobile device

Once the two devices have connected, you can easily share and transfer files, data, documents, pictures, videos, and music to and fro from your PC to your mobile device. Sharing files and documents between two devices have never been simpler. Download ShareIt for all your devices and platforms for free and enjoy the benefits of sharing files of all types and sizes over all platforms.