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How to Use your Ola Coupons?

An ultra stylish, ultra comfort and ultra economical way to travel from one place to another, Ola brings to you the easiest way to enjoy car rental services all over Indian. Ola is an app based car rental service which provides its services all through out India.

Created by a group of young Mumbai enthusiasts, Ola is a taxi aggregator that provides transportation services to customers from one place to another. The reason why Ola has become so popular in India is due to the ease and comfort of downloading and using the Ola app.

To download the Ola app on your smart phone, simply visit your app market, type in Ola in your search bar and click on install. Within a few seconds, the Ola app will be downloaded on your smart phone. Now, you must register using your mobile number, fill in your necessary details, open an online wallet such as PayTM, and you can start using the Ola app!

To use the Ola App:

Simply log on to the Ola app using your registered mobile number, type in or select your pick up location, enter your drop off location or your destination and enter.

The Ola app will immediately provide you all the necessary details such as how far away your Ola ride is, how long it will take to arrive, how far away your destination is, your cab’s number plate, cab drivers picture, name as well as contact number. They will also inform you the cost of your Ola ride.

Ola coupons have been introduced to help users save more money on their Ola rides. Ola coupons are sent out to customers via their mobile phones almost every week with amazing new offers. A message notification will be sent to your registered mobile number, informing you about the newest offers on the Ola coupon for the day. You may avail of the Ola coupon on that day itself, or even use it later on till the time it is valid.

Ola coupons offer discounts such as 50% off on your next Ola ride, a cash back of Rs.50, Rs.300 off on Ola outstation rides, up to Rs.100 off when booking your first Ola ride, cash back offers for Visa card holders, and many such interesting offers.

All you need to do is book your next Ola ride and note down the respective coupon code for which ever offer you would like to avail. During the time of payment, enter the coupon code and you can instantly avail of the coupon on your Ola ride!

Ola coupons are a great marketing strategy by Ola cabs to entice customers. It is also helpful for customers as they can travel in comfort, luxury, as well as save more money by using the Ola coupons. You can ever avail of free rides or further Ola coupons if you refer your friends and family to the Ola app and they download the app.

Ola is an extremely convenient, fun and economical way to travel. Gone are the days when we would have to wait for yellow cabs on the road, negotiate fares with them and travel in stress and hassle. Ola cabs offer you hassle-free rides to any destination you wish to travel to. Simply download the Ola app and avail of Ola coupons to enjoy even cheaper Ola rides today!